Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look how he's grown!

6 weeks old:

8 weeks old:

Proof that it's a boy:

I call this the "get me out of here" pose. You can see his face to the right, arms, and leg.
Around the time this picture was taken he actually waved to us!

Hello Summer!

It has been a long time since our last post! Now that school is over and summer is here hopefully I will have more time to keep things updated.

Since the last post we have found out that it's a boy!! Jack and I were both stunned. For some reason we both had feelings that it was a girl. I even had multiple dreams where it was a girl. We had a girl name picked out and everything! So when the doctor pointed out his man part, boy were we surprised! We are both delited though. As long as it is a healthy baby the sex does not really matter to us. Having a boy first does have it's advantages though - Jack always wanted a boy first so that any other kids we have would have an older brother to look out for them. He also says that your are doomed to mess up the first child, so it is better to have a messed up boy than a messed up girl. Whether that's true or not we're having a boy so we'll see what happens!