Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend Nolan and I got to go to Blacksburg (Jack had to stay home to work).  We got to hang out with Pat and Nina, and visit Uncle Ben at Virgina Tech:

On Sat. I got to go to the Tech game. Nina graciously offered to babysit which I think she and Nolan both enjoyed. Before the game we walked around campus, made our usual trip to the bookstore, had a tailgate party, and Nolan got to meet the Kassner's! This is what we call Hokie camo... all the maroon kind of blends in...

We made it home late Sat. night. Nolan actually slept for 10 hours in a row that night. I think he must have been worn out from all the weekend festivities. Then on Sun. Nolan got to meet the Boyd's. I think this was the beginning of a long friendship between he and Jace!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Karaoke Night

As most of you well know, Jack is a karaoke all-star. He looooves karaoke. Unfortunately for him he has not had the opportunity to do it much lately. But this past week he finally got to get back to it. Tuesday night we all went out to Hard Times cafe for karaoke night. Part of me felt like a terrible mother - I mean, who brings their 2 month old to a bar? But Hard Times has a non-smoking restaurant portion as well, so Nolan and I hung out there with some friends. Jack did a great job as usual with his singing. He did the usual Meatloaf song. Nolan got to here his dad sing in public for the first time. Lucky for him he is too young to get embarrassed yet ;) He didn't scream or anything so I will assume that he liked it!

Here are some pictures from our night out:

Random people getting into Jack's song by waiving their cell phones in the air:

Jack belting it out:

Nolan getting ready to go out to Hard Times. Notice he is wearing his camo just like any good Spotsy boy ;)
(not sure what he was doing in this picture but I thought his expression was funny)

Another picture of Nolan in his camo (with a more normal expression this time):

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Months!

This week we celebrated Nolan's 2 month birthday. It is hard to believe it has been 2 months already! It feels like just yesterday I was writing about his 1 month birthday.

As you can see from the picture we celebrated his birthday (Sunday) by watching the Redskins and cheering them on to victory! (finally!) Nolan had a great time watching the game. He smiled a lot! (but as usual I am too slow with the camera to catch it on film). For once he got to wear his Redskins outfit with pride and not hide in embarassment.

At Nolan's 2 month checkup this week we found out he is 12 lbs 6 oz and 24.5 inches long! He is in the 75th percentile for other kids his age. He is definitely a growing boy! Pretty soon he is suppose to start rolling over and laughing (although the two are not necessarily related to each other). I'm pretty sure I might have actually heard him laughing in his sleep on the ride home today. If not a full blown laugh it was pretty close - and definitely cute whatever it was! It was a nice treat and cheered me up after having a rough day at school.

This weekend we get to go see the Hokies play and visit Blacksburg. We can't wait! More to come on that later I'm sure! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Clothes

It has become evident that Nolan is growing like a weed (which means his clothes are no longer fitting). Most of his pants were starting to look like capris. I decided last weekend that it might be time to do a little shopping and find some warmer clothes that would actually fit him. Luckily I decided to go through his closet before I went out and spent any money. As it turns out I hit the jackpot! I had stored away a few boxes of clothes that we had gotten from a friend and finally went through them. I found tons of cute clothes that are the right size! The picture here is one Nolan's new outfits - Go Hokies! So I just wanted to post something on here to publically say thanks to Aunt Stacy and Lesley/Tristan for all the great clothes! Nolan will now be stylish and warm for a good long while!

Happy Birthday MeMaw!

I'm not sure if I even spelled her name right (this is a new name after all), but I wanted to make sure to wish MeMaw (my mom) a very happy birthday!

So, Happy Birthday!!

We all love you very much and hope to celebrate many more birthdays togethers!

Man Time

Nolan is lucky to have a great father that he gets to spend some quality "man time" with. Most of this bonding time comes while watching some sort of sporting event or the morning news. Occasionally they have some serious talks...

I'm not sure what they were talking about in the picture above but Nolan seems to be mesmorized by it.
He isn't always so serious though...

Nolan has been smiling a lot lately. I wish I was better at catching it on camera, but it never fails that as soon as I get the camera ready the smile has vanished. I guess you will just have to come visit him in person to see his smiling face!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Nolan's first Halloween! To be honest Halloween is not really my favorite holiday, but having children changes everything. Even though Nolan obviously had no clue what was going on it was still really fun to get him dressed up!

We went to "Trunk or Treat" at church for a little bit. We didn't let Nolan get too much candy though ;) Mostly we just walked around and looked at all the fun costumes everyone had. Then we went to a Halloween party at a friend's house. It was good fun. Nolan was a hit in his tiger costume. Jack thought it was a girly costume so kept trying to get Nolan to growl. Personally I thought he was adorable without the growl...

I think his tail was my favorite part of the whole costume... so cute!

Jack and I went as a farmer and his cow... or "whipped cream." Get it?