Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Progress is really a beautiful thing. It can be so easy to get frustrated because I'm not where I want to be or things aren't finished yet or whatever. But, this week I've been seeking contentment in seeing progress. For example...

Truthfully, I'm kind of over being pregnant. I'm 28 weeks and feeling huge and wanting nothing more to meet this baby (and find out if it's a boy or a girl)! So it's easy to get down because I'm so far away from being done. But, the flip side is that I've made great progress. I'm already 2/3 of the way there! The baby is healthy and and moving around a ton - literally, a ton - like, I'm pretty sure more than Nolan or Abby ever did. Maybe that is just his/her way of making sure we remember to remember him/her? Either way, I love that I can feel those kicks so often. Progress!

There has been some good progress in our house too. I'm anxious for it to be finished and wish it were already done, but given the challenges of this winter I'm pretty thankful that any work was completed at all. Over the last few weeks they've done all of the siding, dry wall, fire place/mantel, and even put in kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counter tops.* So while we're still a long way from it being finished, I'm just thrilled to see progress!

Here are a few pics:

Outside view:
(This pic was taken on March 25 - during one of our many, many snow storms this winter. See, with that much snow it's a wonderful thing to see progress!)

Nolan checking out the kitchen cabinets:

Nolan and Abby pretending to be the refrigerator:

*I was really nervous to see the cabinets/counters in place. After we picked those options last summer, I agonized over our choices and thought many times about changing them. It's really hard to get a picture of what the kitchen will look like when you're choosing colors based on a 3" square of material. So, I was glad when they went in and I didn't hate them. There is nothing special or fancy about them. In fact, most people might look at that and go "that's so boring". But, I love it. It is perfect for us right now. Maybe someday when the kids are grown we can afford to upgrade to the kitchen of our dreams. But for now I am happy just to have a kitchen that is my own. I am already dreaming about what to do with all that cabinet space! :)