Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1st Hair Cut!

It may have taken 19 months, but Nolan finally grew enough hair to get a hair cut! One of the things Jack always talks about from his childhood is going to the barber in downtown Blacksburg with his Dad on Saturday mornings. While we were in Blacksburg this past weekend we decided to give Nolan a shot at this experience for himself. Here are a few pics from the big day:

Hair before:

Poppa and Nolan walking in Blacksburg toward the barber shop:

Getting his hair done (they gave him a sucker which really helped to keep him still):

Overall he did very well. I was proud of him for sitting still for so long (I didn't think it was possible!):

Hair cut after:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's a GIRL!

I can't hardly believe I'm saying this, but Donohoe Baby #2 is going to be a girl! I thought for sure we were destined to have all boys. Jack comes from a family of 3 boys, and I have all brothers and almost ALL boy cousins. Girls just don't come along very often in the Massey family - but when they do, boy are they special! :)

It was really fun to get to see the baby in the sonogram yesterday. We got to see a few 3-D images which was cool (I'll post pictures at some point). The whole time the nurse was showing us all of the different body parts - head, abdomen, feet, kidneys, heart, etc. I kept thinking "So... what is it!? Am I going to be buying pink? or more blue? playing with dolls? or more trucks? softball? or more baseball?" And then finally (at the very end) she showed us... it's a girl! She kept her legs open just long enough for us to get a look, and then she closed them right back up. Very lady like already!

 I remember with Nolan thinking how cool it was to get a glimpse of the baby that's inside of you. But this time was different. I think now that I've had Nolan I know what a joy children are. Just looking at the baby girl, I was already overcome with love. As I was sitting there in the sonogram room, I just kept thinking "I love you so much already!" (for the record, this would have happened if it was a boy too). I know every baby is different, and no one could ever "replace" my Nolan - he is so very special to me is so many ways. But my motherly instincts are already kicking in for his little sister. I find it interesting that as soon as I found out this was going to be a girl I already started worrying more. I wonder why I feel the need to protect her more than I remember feeling that with Nolan? Obviously I want to protect Nolan too. But I guess being a boy I know he is going to be able to fend for himself. With a girl, I am already worried that there won't be any good guys out there to treat her right, or that girls are going to be caddy and lower her self esteem. I hope that doesn't happen. She is already so beautiful. And she deserves the best! And plus she has a great older brother who will kick anyone's butt if they try to mess with her! :) I am lucky to have 2 great brothers. I am excited to see the bond that she and Nolan will have!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun on the Farm

Nolan has been learning a lot of new words lately. One of his favorite words is "ride". The other one is "outside". Put those together and you can make this child happy for hours!

It should come as no surprise then that Nolan LOVES to go to the farm. There are so many things to explore and "ride". We've been going out there a lot recently to help out with things and work on the apartment. Nolan lucks out because while we work, he gets to play. Here are some pictures of his adventures there recently:

Nolan meeting the pigs:

Nolan riding on the tractor with Pops:

Checking out the 4-wheeler:

Going for a walk:

The Christmas trees that we helped plant: