Tuesday, January 7, 2014

House Update

It's been a while since I talked about our house, so here is the latest construction update!

Over the past few months they have been hard at work on the foundation. We had a bit of a set back because we found out the soil on our house site really sucks, so we have to have some extra work done on the foundation to make sure it is secure. Of course you all know what that means - more $$$ and more time to redo plans and such. But, thankfully we are back on track and the foundation is now complete. Here are a few pics from along the way:

Nolan posing with the beginnings of the foundation:

Lots and lots of cement trucks pouring the foundation:

Nolan and Abby playing in the "basement":

The back of the house (walk out basement):

The front view of the house - left side is the garage, right side will be the front porch:

So there you have it... It's been really cold and rainy/snowy the past few weeks. Hoping that the weather cooperates enough to get it under roof. Then bring on the snow days! :) 


There's big news in the Donohoe House... Baby #3 is on the way and due to arrive next July! (Which you already knew if you read the Christmas Letter - but I didn't want D3 to be deprived of his/her own big blog announcement post)

We waited until Christmas Eve to tell the kids. As we were getting ready for bed we told them we had a surprise for them. When we told them what it was, Abby was super excited - she LOVES babies - and immediately tried stuffing a dolly inside my shirt. Nolan was less excited - but not upset. He mostly wanted to know if he could see it. And then cautioned me to be careful because the baby might bite me from the inside. 

I think it is too early for them to really understand what this actually means for them. But for now, they are excited. While Nolan and I were cuddling on the couch recently he started patting my belly and said he was "petting the baby". And Abby talks frequently about the "baby in you belly". 

I know that 3 kids is a scary thought. And there are times that won't be a picnic. But we know this little life is a blessing from God and are excited to meet him/her next summer!