Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big Girl Milestone

Sometimes it feels like the kids are growing up WAY too fast. But, one area where I am glad for them to grow fast is the area of potty training. Recently we celebrated a big milestone... Abby is
officially potty trained!

This is a picture of [crazy-haired] Abby with her certificate and prize from her awesome babysitter (who did a lot of the work), Ms. Lisa! She got her first ever barbie doll for her reward. She was very excited!

Potty-training is one of my least favorite things about parenting so I am glad to have another one down! We get a little bit of a diaper break now before D3 comes along. This will be our first break from buying diapers in almost 5 years! Hurray for that and Hurray for Abby!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's a _____!

This week we got to get a look at baby Donohoe #3 - or D3 as we affectionately call him/her. The big 20 week ultrasound is usually used to find out the gender of the baby. But, this time we decided to keep it a secret. So there won't be a big "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!" announcement until the baby actually makes an appearance! We found out with both N and A so this will be different for us - it's definitely harder not knowing. But it's more exciting too - it will bring even more anticipation as the big day gets closer!

Nolan and Abby got to witness the ultrasound with us this time. I thought it might be something fun for them since they know that there's a baby in my belly, but they don't really understand why it can't come out yet. Abby frequently asks if she can hold my baby. Or she'll find a baby toy and say "this is for the baby" and then drop it down my shirt. Needless to say I think she is going to be excited when the baby comes! (At least until she realizes she is the center of attention anymore). Neither one of them was super excited about seeing the ultrasound - it would be kind of hard for a 2 or 4 year old to see what you are looking at. At first Nolan said "Is that a monster?" And then later on said the baby looked like a dinosaur - I think that was around the time she was checking out his/her spine. In an event, D3 looks healthy and got a good report. I am officially over half way done now so hoping that the 2nd half flies by as quickly as the first!

In other random D3 news, we've started talking about names some (which we are not sharing). But, did want to share that if it's a boy, Nolan thinks we should name him Peter (he got fixated on this name once and not thinks that everything that is a boy should be named Peter), and if it's a girl, Abby says she should be "Hope" (after her favorite baby doll that is named Baby Hope). Not knowing the gender will make it harder to pick a name. But we've still got several months to narrow it down!