Monday, September 9, 2013

The Farm Life

After a year in "town", we made the move back to the farm this summer. We weren't excited about having to pack everything up and transition to a different place for the 3rd year in a row, but it was definitely the right thing to do. While I never imagined myself living with my parents again at this age, we all couldn't be happier. The kids are especially having a great time. The have adjusted well and are enjoying every aspect of being on the farm. Here are some of the things the like to do for fun:

Every morning (except on school days), Abby gets up and helps Memaw and Pops with the chores - feeding the horses and checking for new baby calves are some of her favorites. Here is a picture of her "helping" Pops carry some buckets of feed:

Nolan and Abby both LOVE to play outside (and I would so much rather this than inside, where there is too much temptation to turn on the t.v.) They both like helping with the chores, but other interests include: Playing in the hay in the barn, climbing on things (on tractors, in trees, etc), and playing in water (ANY water). 

As soon as Abby wakes up, she is ready to go outside...
(Sometimes she doesn't even take time to get dressed or put on real shoes)

Another benefit of being on the farm...

I'm excited for our house to be built in a few months. But I'm even more excited that we will be just across the road. The kids will have many years of fun adventures to come!