Monday, January 18, 2016

Never Getting Married

Today Abby and I watched an episode of Downton Abby together - one in which 2 of the main characters got married. When it was over I looked at Abby who looked on the verge of tears...

Me: What's the matter Abby?
Abby: I don't want to get married ever in my whole life!
Me: It's ok Abby you don't have to get married if you don't want to.
Abby: Good because I want to stay here with you guys. And if you marry someone you have to go stay with them. And I don't want to stay with them I want to stay with you guys! [insert the sound of sweet, innocent 4 year old tears]
Me: Abbygirl, you can stay with me for as long as you want. [insert big ol' hug]

 I'm documenting this because one day I know she will change her mind. But for now I am soaking up her innocence and love for her family. When the teenage hormones start a ragin', I'll have this conversation to look back on and smile.

Love you forever my sweet girl!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Christmas Letter

I'm sorry to say... I didn't get Christmas cards out this year... I had a letter written, just never got anything in the mail. It just wasn't in the cards. (Ha. See what I did there?) So, here you go... the electronic version for anybody who actually reads this blog!

In case you were wondering what’s new with the Donohoes:
Age: 6
This Year I: played tee ball in the spring and baseball in the fall. I really enjoyed them both! I am in 1st grade.  I am learning lots of new things – how to read, math facts, and more! (My teacher calls me the “Math Man” - that makes my mom very proud!) My favorite things at school are recess, eating lunch, and technology.
My Favorite Things Are: building things with Lego’s, playing board games, reading chapter books, playing baseball, and playing games on the computer.      
Favorite Memory of 2015: going to Busch Gardens and Water Country. This year I was tall enough to ride on some roller coasters and big water slides. I loved it!
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: participating in the Lego Club at school where I will learn all about Amusement Park rides and then build them with Legos!

Age: 4
This Year I: enjoyed another year of preschool – I learned all of my letters and sounds, all the planets, presidents, and states. I love my teacher Ms. Lisa and all my friends. I played lots of dress up and pretend games, and loved being a big sister! I also got my first cousins this year - a boy in September and a girl in November! 
My Favorite Things Are: playing dress up, Barbie’s/princess things, Peppa Pig, and helping Mommy in the kitchen.
Favorite Memory of 2015: Learning to swim and pool hopping this summer.
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: going to “big school” with Nolan. I will be in Kindergarten in the Fall!
Age: 1
This Year I: learned lots of new things - walking, talking, eating solid foods, etc. I continue to be a happy guy and bring joy to everyone!
My Favorite Things Are: climbing on things, shutting doors, putting things in the toilet, and keeping up with whatever my brother and sister are doing.
Favorite Memory of 2015: everything! “Everything is awesome…” (sung to the Lego Movie them song)
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: Being taller so I can reach more things that people try to hide from me.

Age: younger than Jack
This Year I: weathered lots of ups and downs… It seems like 2015 brought challenges and heartache to many I know. Most noteworthy for me was the loss of my cousin in February. Her passing happened quite suddenly and we all miss her terribly. But I am comforted by the many memories I have of us together and the joy she brought to so many lives. Otherwise I stayed busy balancing teaching, and life with 3 kids. I still enjoy my job (this year I’m teaching Algebra 1 Collab, Adv. Algebra II, and AP Statistics) and enjoy being a mom even more!
Favorite Memory of 2015: Jack and I had two awesome trips this year - In January we went to Costa Rica and in November we went to Punta Cana. We are very blessed to have awesome parents who will watch our kids so we can have some time away! The scenery was great but most of all I enjoyed sitting by the pool/beach and reading (without any interruptions)!
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: enjoying life’s blessings. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and each day is a gift! (I know that sounds cheesy but if I learned anything from 2015 it’s that). I am also hoping for some snow days and a family vacation – destination TBD!

Age: Old enough
This Year I: enjoyed the trips mentioned above, replaced our carpet downstairs with laminate hardwood, and convinced Katie to get a puppy. I am still working at Morton’s and enjoy the challenges that business and working in sales bring on a daily basis.
Favorite Memory of 2015: See above – all of those are on the list!
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: working on some house projects – particularly landscaping the outside.

Boomer (our black lab)
Age: 8
This Year I: Slept a lot, ate a lot, and continued being awesome. I also got a new puppy sister - Sophia. She’s a lab like me but yellow. I can’t say I’m super excited about this. She is very hyper and always wants to play and eat my food. Overall she’s ok though I guess. Abby lets me sleep in her room now so I can escape from the crazy puppy.
Favorite Memory of 2015: going for walks on the farm.
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: Sophia calming down some.

 2015 was a very blessed year for our family.
I hope it was for yours too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Donohoes