Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

Once again, I didn't manage to get Christmas cards sent off BEFORE Christmas. Seriously, how do people do that? With all of the other exciting things happening around that time, sending out cards is usually one of the last things on my mind. So, in case you're interested, here's what you WOULD have gotten for our Christmas Letter:

In case you were wondering what’s new with the Donohoe’s:

Age: 4

This Year I: practiced learning all my letters and sounds, learned to ride a bike without training wheels  (sort of), and learned to swim all by myself.

My Favorite Things Are: Pretending to fight bad guys with my friends, playing baseball, and any/all cartoons.                               
Favorite Memory of 2013: Moving to the farm and helping Meemaw and Pops with the chores. (Katie’s parents have a farm – We moved in with them while we wait for our house to be built)

In 2014 I am Most Looking Forward To: starting Kindergarten in the Fall!

Age: 2

This Year I: starting potty training, learned my colors and how to count.

My Favorite Things Are: singing, playing outside and playing with my dolly’s – especially Baby Hope.

Favorite Memory of 2013: being the flower girl at Uncle Mike and Aunt Meagan’s wedding.

In 2014 I am Most Looking Forward To: getting a little brother or sister! (Baby Donohoe #3 is due in early July!)

Age: younger than Jack

This Year I: survived another year of teaching math and SOL’s, tried some new recipes, read some good books, and enjoyed keeping up with 2 busy kids!

Favorite Memory: the surprise trip that Jack planned for us to Abingdon, VA. We stayed at the Martha Washington Inn, watched a show at the historic Barter Theater, and biked down the VA Creeper Trail – in the snow! Jack even called my principal and arranged my sub plans for me. It was a much needed break from the normal routine.

In 2014 I am Most Looking Forward To: having baby #3! And our new house being built. They have started on the foundation and some plumbing work. It should be move-in ready sometime in the spring. I think I am most excited about the closet space and being able to get everything out of storage!

Age: Old enough

This Year I: Spent countless hours dealing with County officials and arranging for building permits, soil tests, etc. for our new house. I am still working at Morton’s and enjoy the challenges that business and working in sales bring on a daily basis.

Favorite Memory of 2013: Taking lots of day trips with the kids – we went to the zoo, Busch Gardens, played at the lake, and more. I also really enjoyed seeing my little brother get married!

In 2014 I am Most Looking Forward To: our new home and having a yard to take care of. (And baby #3 of course!)

Boomer (our black lab)
Age: 6

This Year I: Slept a lot, got in trouble for getting on the couch all the time, rode on the gator around the farm, and learned not to chase cows because they are much bigger than me.

Favorite Memory of 2013: moving to the farm and getting a new friend, Belle (one of my parent’s dogs). I love it there! I am glad I will never have to live in “town” again!

In 2014 I am Most Looking Forward To: finding new mischief to get into!

Christmas Time

While I haven't been feeling the greatest the last few weeks (more to come on that later), I have been trying to do some fun holiday things to get in the spirit. This year the kids are 2 and 4 - ages that allow them to actually get excited about doing Christmas-y things and enjoy them. Here are a few things we've tackled so far:

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree:
(Nolan and Abby did the picking, Mom did the sawing - she is truly a woman of many talents)

Making a Ginger Bread House:

The kids had a really good time with this one. Of course, Abby didn't really understand why you weren't suppose to eat the candy, and Nolan couldn't comprehend the fact that the house didn't have to look EXACTLY like the one on the box (yes, I used a kit from a box. Don't hate.) "Mom, the gum drops are suppose to go THERE." Anyway, once I got Abby to stop eating everything and Nolan got in the creative spirit we all had a great time. Too bad our finished product lasted less than 24 hours because I'm an idiot and left it within reaching distance of a certain dog who shall remain nameless.

Annual Christmas Parade:

I haven't been to the local Christmas parade since High School - when we would march in the marching band. I was hesitant to go this year because it was freezing cold and Jack was working, so I knew it would mean me tackling the crowds by myself. But, we went. And I'm glad we did! Everyone had a good time. The kids especially enjoyed all the candy they handed out. Nolan like all the "army" people and the fire trucks, and Abby like the dogs and "princesses" (pageant winners).

Breakfast with Santa:

Each year my school puts on a "breakfast with Santa" and craft fair. I've been to the craft fair before, but have never taken the kids to the breakfast. This year we went and had a great time! Nolan walked right up to Santa without hesitating. Abby was still terrified of him. She did stand at a distance and wave - but that's about as friendly as she was willing to get with ol' Santa Clause. After we visited with Santa we had a lovely pancake breakfast and then walked around the craft fair. The kids went home with balloon animals - which only lasted about an hour, but were a big hit!

Ms. Lisa's Annual Christmas Party:


(Another pic with Santa - Abby still wasn't thrilled - but not crying at least!)

(Ms. Lisa with all of her "kids")

Ms. Lisa is our amazing babysitter. I think I've talked about her on here before - about how grateful we are for her. She has really touched a lot of lives throughout her years of doing child care. My kids have learned so much being with her. Each year she has a Christmas party for all of her "kids" - past and present. It's always a big hit. The kids have a blast visiting with their friends and opening presents. This year Santa even made an appearance!

That's all for now. I started this post several weeks ago and got busy with life so never published it. But here it is - just a little too late. Even though it is almost January, there will likely be some more posts about Christmas in the days to come!