Monday, January 18, 2016

Never Getting Married

Today Abby and I watched an episode of Downton Abby together - one in which 2 of the main characters got married. When it was over I looked at Abby who looked on the verge of tears...

Me: What's the matter Abby?
Abby: I don't want to get married ever in my whole life!
Me: It's ok Abby you don't have to get married if you don't want to.
Abby: Good because I want to stay here with you guys. And if you marry someone you have to go stay with them. And I don't want to stay with them I want to stay with you guys! [insert the sound of sweet, innocent 4 year old tears]
Me: Abbygirl, you can stay with me for as long as you want. [insert big ol' hug]

 I'm documenting this because one day I know she will change her mind. But for now I am soaking up her innocence and love for her family. When the teenage hormones start a ragin', I'll have this conversation to look back on and smile.

Love you forever my sweet girl!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Christmas Letter

I'm sorry to say... I didn't get Christmas cards out this year... I had a letter written, just never got anything in the mail. It just wasn't in the cards. (Ha. See what I did there?) So, here you go... the electronic version for anybody who actually reads this blog!

In case you were wondering what’s new with the Donohoes:
Age: 6
This Year I: played tee ball in the spring and baseball in the fall. I really enjoyed them both! I am in 1st grade.  I am learning lots of new things – how to read, math facts, and more! (My teacher calls me the “Math Man” - that makes my mom very proud!) My favorite things at school are recess, eating lunch, and technology.
My Favorite Things Are: building things with Lego’s, playing board games, reading chapter books, playing baseball, and playing games on the computer.      
Favorite Memory of 2015: going to Busch Gardens and Water Country. This year I was tall enough to ride on some roller coasters and big water slides. I loved it!
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: participating in the Lego Club at school where I will learn all about Amusement Park rides and then build them with Legos!

Age: 4
This Year I: enjoyed another year of preschool – I learned all of my letters and sounds, all the planets, presidents, and states. I love my teacher Ms. Lisa and all my friends. I played lots of dress up and pretend games, and loved being a big sister! I also got my first cousins this year - a boy in September and a girl in November! 
My Favorite Things Are: playing dress up, Barbie’s/princess things, Peppa Pig, and helping Mommy in the kitchen.
Favorite Memory of 2015: Learning to swim and pool hopping this summer.
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: going to “big school” with Nolan. I will be in Kindergarten in the Fall!
Age: 1
This Year I: learned lots of new things - walking, talking, eating solid foods, etc. I continue to be a happy guy and bring joy to everyone!
My Favorite Things Are: climbing on things, shutting doors, putting things in the toilet, and keeping up with whatever my brother and sister are doing.
Favorite Memory of 2015: everything! “Everything is awesome…” (sung to the Lego Movie them song)
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: Being taller so I can reach more things that people try to hide from me.

Age: younger than Jack
This Year I: weathered lots of ups and downs… It seems like 2015 brought challenges and heartache to many I know. Most noteworthy for me was the loss of my cousin in February. Her passing happened quite suddenly and we all miss her terribly. But I am comforted by the many memories I have of us together and the joy she brought to so many lives. Otherwise I stayed busy balancing teaching, and life with 3 kids. I still enjoy my job (this year I’m teaching Algebra 1 Collab, Adv. Algebra II, and AP Statistics) and enjoy being a mom even more!
Favorite Memory of 2015: Jack and I had two awesome trips this year - In January we went to Costa Rica and in November we went to Punta Cana. We are very blessed to have awesome parents who will watch our kids so we can have some time away! The scenery was great but most of all I enjoyed sitting by the pool/beach and reading (without any interruptions)!
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: enjoying life’s blessings. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and each day is a gift! (I know that sounds cheesy but if I learned anything from 2015 it’s that). I am also hoping for some snow days and a family vacation – destination TBD!

Age: Old enough
This Year I: enjoyed the trips mentioned above, replaced our carpet downstairs with laminate hardwood, and convinced Katie to get a puppy. I am still working at Morton’s and enjoy the challenges that business and working in sales bring on a daily basis.
Favorite Memory of 2015: See above – all of those are on the list!
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: working on some house projects – particularly landscaping the outside.

Boomer (our black lab)
Age: 8
This Year I: Slept a lot, ate a lot, and continued being awesome. I also got a new puppy sister - Sophia. She’s a lab like me but yellow. I can’t say I’m super excited about this. She is very hyper and always wants to play and eat my food. Overall she’s ok though I guess. Abby lets me sleep in her room now so I can escape from the crazy puppy.
Favorite Memory of 2015: going for walks on the farm.
In 2016 I am Most Looking Forward To: Sophia calming down some.

 2015 was a very blessed year for our family.
I hope it was for yours too!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Donohoes

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Letter 2014

In case you were wondering what’s new with the Donohoe’s:


Age: 5

This Year I: started Kindergarten! I am learning lots of new things – how to read, counting money, making patterns, and more! My favorite things at school are math stations, PE, and art.

My Favorite Things Are: building things with Lego’s, playing board/card games, reading books by myself (easy ones), playing baseball, and playing with Boomer. 
Favorite Memory of 2014: going to Busch Gardens and Water Country. I love going on the roller coasters and water slides!

In 2015 I am Most Looking Forward To: playing tee ball on a team and Summer break with lots of “not a school” nights.


Age: 3

This Year I: learned to ride my bike (with training wheels), played countless hours of “tea party” and “doctor”, discovered the wonder of Disney Junior, and became a big sister!

My Favorite Things Are: singing Frozen songs, playing with blocks (and building “farms”), riding Meemaw’s horses, and playing outside.

Favorite Memory of 2014: becoming a big sister! And getting my own room for the first time in my life!

In 2015 I am Most Looking Forward To: getting spoiled since I am the only girl and middle child (which my mom can relate to).


Age: 0 (5 months)

This Year I: was born! My parents waited to find out if I was a boy or girl until I was born. It was a fun surprise! They named me Joseph Robert but call me Joey. I was 8 lb and 11 oz when I was born!

My Favorite Things Are: eating and sleeping (I am very good at both).

Favorite Memory of 2014: coming home to my family. My brother and sister (and mom and dad) are great – they love me very much and like to make me laugh!

In 2015 I am Most Looking Forward To: Learning new things like eating solid foods, walking, and playing with toys.


Age: younger than Jack

This Year I: turned the big 3-0, had a baby, moved into a new house, and survived another year of teaching – including taking on a new prep – AP Statistics! It has been a busy (but wonderful) year!

Favorite Memory of 2014: On July 2, we welcomed our newest addition into the world. From the very beginning, Joey has been the best baby! (don’t tell Nolan and Abby). He is a great sleeper and eater, and is generally a very happy baby. He literally never cries. He smiles a ton and laughs and “talks”, and just brings so much joy to our lives!

In 2015 I am Most Looking Forward To: getting settled into our new home and life with 3 kids. Hopefully there won’t be as many major life changes next year!


Age: Old enough

This Year I: enjoyed trips to Busch Gardens with the family, went to several Nationals games, welcomed a new baby boy, and moved into our new house. I am enjoying being a homeowner. It’s the first time in a long time we’ve had a place to really call our own. I enjoy working on the yard and finding projects to do. We are loving our house but have more to do to “make it our own”. I am glad that all of the hours of dealing with the county and permits are over!  I am still working at Morton’s and enjoy the challenges that business and working in sales bring on a daily basis.

Favorite Memory of 2014: See above – all of those are on the list!

In 2015 I am Most Looking Forward To: going to Costa Rica with Katie in January.

Boomer (our black lab)

Age: 7

This Year I: Slept a lot, ate a lot, and moved into a new house. I’m not allowed to get on the new furniture and that makes me really sad!

Favorite Memory of 2014: moving to my new house and checking out all of the surroundings. I have my very own pond that I get to go swimming in any time I want!

In 2015 I am Most Looking Forward To: finding new mischief to get into!

2014 was a very blessed year for our family. I hope it was for yours too!
Merry Christmas!
Love, The Donohoe’s

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

James 1:17

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Progress is really a beautiful thing. It can be so easy to get frustrated because I'm not where I want to be or things aren't finished yet or whatever. But, this week I've been seeking contentment in seeing progress. For example...

Truthfully, I'm kind of over being pregnant. I'm 28 weeks and feeling huge and wanting nothing more to meet this baby (and find out if it's a boy or a girl)! So it's easy to get down because I'm so far away from being done. But, the flip side is that I've made great progress. I'm already 2/3 of the way there! The baby is healthy and and moving around a ton - literally, a ton - like, I'm pretty sure more than Nolan or Abby ever did. Maybe that is just his/her way of making sure we remember to remember him/her? Either way, I love that I can feel those kicks so often. Progress!

There has been some good progress in our house too. I'm anxious for it to be finished and wish it were already done, but given the challenges of this winter I'm pretty thankful that any work was completed at all. Over the last few weeks they've done all of the siding, dry wall, fire place/mantel, and even put in kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counter tops.* So while we're still a long way from it being finished, I'm just thrilled to see progress!

Here are a few pics:

Outside view:
(This pic was taken on March 25 - during one of our many, many snow storms this winter. See, with that much snow it's a wonderful thing to see progress!)

Nolan checking out the kitchen cabinets:

Nolan and Abby pretending to be the refrigerator:

*I was really nervous to see the cabinets/counters in place. After we picked those options last summer, I agonized over our choices and thought many times about changing them. It's really hard to get a picture of what the kitchen will look like when you're choosing colors based on a 3" square of material. So, I was glad when they went in and I didn't hate them. There is nothing special or fancy about them. In fact, most people might look at that and go "that's so boring". But, I love it. It is perfect for us right now. Maybe someday when the kids are grown we can afford to upgrade to the kitchen of our dreams. But for now I am happy just to have a kitchen that is my own. I am already dreaming about what to do with all that cabinet space! :) 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winter Fun

We are now in the first week of March, and as much as I've been enjoying this winter and all the snow days that came with it, I'm hoping that it's about time to pack up the sweaters and snow gear. Mother Nature tends to have a mind of her own though so we'll see. In the meantime, here are a few highlights of this winter... I don't have a  ton of great pics because I refused to be more focused on taking pictures than on my kids and enjoying the moment. So, here's what I've got...

This was the first winter that the kids were old enough to really enjoy going sledding. Abby was a little more hesitant but Nolan had an absolute blast! He would go down the hill, come back up, and immediately go down again - like 30 times in a row. Meanwhile, I made it down and up once and had to take a 10 minute break ;)

(in this pic you can see Nolan and our cousin Colby walking up and Abby riding down with our cousin Hunter)

(Abby making a snow angel)

(Nolan climbing on a big pile of snow)

(Our snowman)

(Nolan getting the royal treatment by Uncle Brendan)

(Family trip down the sledding hill :) 

(Testing out the frozen pond. I told them both to stay away because it was dangerous. Notice that Boomer listened and Ben didn't ;)

(Once we were sure it was safe, Pops and Abby ventured out)

(Nolan and Uncle Ben "ice skating")

We've had a lot of other fun moments that I didn't catch on camera... so needless to say we've had a great time this winter. But now I'm ready for some warmer temperatures! Come on Spring!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big Girl Milestone

Sometimes it feels like the kids are growing up WAY too fast. But, one area where I am glad for them to grow fast is the area of potty training. Recently we celebrated a big milestone... Abby is
officially potty trained!

This is a picture of [crazy-haired] Abby with her certificate and prize from her awesome babysitter (who did a lot of the work), Ms. Lisa! She got her first ever barbie doll for her reward. She was very excited!

Potty-training is one of my least favorite things about parenting so I am glad to have another one down! We get a little bit of a diaper break now before D3 comes along. This will be our first break from buying diapers in almost 5 years! Hurray for that and Hurray for Abby!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's a _____!

This week we got to get a look at baby Donohoe #3 - or D3 as we affectionately call him/her. The big 20 week ultrasound is usually used to find out the gender of the baby. But, this time we decided to keep it a secret. So there won't be a big "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!" announcement until the baby actually makes an appearance! We found out with both N and A so this will be different for us - it's definitely harder not knowing. But it's more exciting too - it will bring even more anticipation as the big day gets closer!

Nolan and Abby got to witness the ultrasound with us this time. I thought it might be something fun for them since they know that there's a baby in my belly, but they don't really understand why it can't come out yet. Abby frequently asks if she can hold my baby. Or she'll find a baby toy and say "this is for the baby" and then drop it down my shirt. Needless to say I think she is going to be excited when the baby comes! (At least until she realizes she is the center of attention anymore). Neither one of them was super excited about seeing the ultrasound - it would be kind of hard for a 2 or 4 year old to see what you are looking at. At first Nolan said "Is that a monster?" And then later on said the baby looked like a dinosaur - I think that was around the time she was checking out his/her spine. In an event, D3 looks healthy and got a good report. I am officially over half way done now so hoping that the 2nd half flies by as quickly as the first!

In other random D3 news, we've started talking about names some (which we are not sharing). But, did want to share that if it's a boy, Nolan thinks we should name him Peter (he got fixated on this name once and not thinks that everything that is a boy should be named Peter), and if it's a girl, Abby says she should be "Hope" (after her favorite baby doll that is named Baby Hope). Not knowing the gender will make it harder to pick a name. But we've still got several months to narrow it down!