Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winter Fun

We are now in the first week of March, and as much as I've been enjoying this winter and all the snow days that came with it, I'm hoping that it's about time to pack up the sweaters and snow gear. Mother Nature tends to have a mind of her own though so we'll see. In the meantime, here are a few highlights of this winter... I don't have a  ton of great pics because I refused to be more focused on taking pictures than on my kids and enjoying the moment. So, here's what I've got...

This was the first winter that the kids were old enough to really enjoy going sledding. Abby was a little more hesitant but Nolan had an absolute blast! He would go down the hill, come back up, and immediately go down again - like 30 times in a row. Meanwhile, I made it down and up once and had to take a 10 minute break ;)

(in this pic you can see Nolan and our cousin Colby walking up and Abby riding down with our cousin Hunter)

(Abby making a snow angel)

(Nolan climbing on a big pile of snow)

(Our snowman)

(Nolan getting the royal treatment by Uncle Brendan)

(Family trip down the sledding hill :) 

(Testing out the frozen pond. I told them both to stay away because it was dangerous. Notice that Boomer listened and Ben didn't ;)

(Once we were sure it was safe, Pops and Abby ventured out)

(Nolan and Uncle Ben "ice skating")

We've had a lot of other fun moments that I didn't catch on camera... so needless to say we've had a great time this winter. But now I'm ready for some warmer temperatures! Come on Spring!

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